Ancient times [till 400 AD]

King David dancing naked

-150 B.C.
Sculpture, relief, marble
An object probably used at the Tabernacle festival in Egypt

Dancing dwarfs
-1500 B.C.
Sculpture, statuettes, ivory
7 cm height
Egypt, Cairo, Museum


Two female dancers with castanets and musicians with tambourines
-1250 B.C.
Sculpture, relief
Egypt, Cairo, Museum
Probably a banquet scene. On the tomb of Hormin, from Saqqarah

Bes, god of joy and pleasure, entertainer of the gods, dancing
-1400 B.C.
Sculpture, relief

Dancing women and musicians
-1400 B.C.
From a tomb at Gournah

Figure of a dancer-acrobat on an ostrakon
-1400 B.C.
Painting on a shell
taly, Torino, Museo Egizio di Torino

The god Bes dancing
-1400 B.C.
Painting on a panel
Panel of the throne of Sitamun, tomb of Yuia and Thuin, Egypt

Two female dancers
-1400 B.C.
Sculpture, relief

Dancing women
-1400 B.C.
From a tomb at Thebes Kurna

Young women musicians and young girl dancer
-1415 B.C.
Painting, mural
U.S.A., New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art
From the Tomb of Djeserkareseneb, Egypt. The paces of the two musicians in the middle have been restored.

Two girls dancing at a banquet
-1420 B.C.
Painting, mural
U.K., London, British Museum
Tombes of the Nobles, Egypt

Seven female professional dancers
Painting, mural
Egypt, Thebes
Fresco on a tomb at Thebes, Egypt

Processional dance by five girls
-2000 B.C.
Egypt, Cairo, Museum

Acrobatic dancers
-2500 B.C.
Painting on wall
Egypt, Saqqara, Tomb of Mehu
Mural painting from the tomb of Mehu, Saqqara, Egypt.

Women dancing to the rhythm of two women clapping hands
-2500 B.C.
Sculpture, relief
Egypt, Mastaba of Akhouthotep
Dance scene
-2700 B.C.
Egypt, Sahara, tomb
Divinity, possibly dancing
-4000 B.C.
Sculpture, pottery, painted